Help using this website has been designed to make it easy and safe for you to book tickets for Medway events and performances.

Booking tickets using this website

There are several ways you can book tickets:

  • Using the images on the home page - simply click on the image of the event you wish to book for, and you will be taken to a page describing all of the details for the event. Simply select the performance you wish to book for and click on 'book now'
  • Use the 'event timeline' - a month by month breakdown of events - scroll over the dates to see all the events/performances happening on a particular day. Click on the date and you will be taken to a page listing all the events happening. Click through to the event you wish to book for.
  • Use the search bar - simple enter the keywords you wish to search for. For example, if you wanted to book pantomime tickets, you could search for 'panto', 'peter pan', 'pantomime' or similar - then press enter, and the pantomime show will appear int he search results. Click on the relevant link and you will be taken to the event listing, from where you can book tickets.
  • Use the 'quick tickets' feature - If you know the exact show you wish to see, this is the easiest way to book. Select the show, the date you wish to see it and the performance time you wish to book for, and you will be taken straight to the booking page. You can also search by show only, or by date only.
  • Search by 'tickets by type' - if you are just browsing and know which genre of event/performance you wish to see, use this function to get a flavour of the events that are on offer. When you find a show you like the look of, click 'more info and booking' and you will be able to book your tickets.

Making payments online

Making payments using this website is safe and secure. Please see the online security page for more information.

Logging in

The first time you book using this website, you will be asked to register. Subsequently, you will be asked to log in. This is so that you do not have to re-enter all of your delivery details (address, email etc). If you prefer not to enter your personal details online, please book tickets either in person or by telephone via the box office.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, go to my account at the top right of this page and click on forgotten your password? then fill in your email address and your password will be emailed to you.

quick tickets

Phone 01634 338338

event timeline

A month by month breakdown of events

  1. 01
  2. 02
  3. 03

    November 03

    14:00 The Central Theatre

    Christmas Memories

    More info
  4. 04

    November 04

    19:30 The Brook Theatre

    Foster & Allen: Timeless Memories Tour

    More info
  5. 05

    November 05

    19:30 The Central Theatre

    Maximum Rhythm and Blues: The Manfreds with Georgie Fame

    More info
  6. 06

    November 06

    19:30 The Central Theatre

    The Elvis Years: The Story of The King

    More info
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